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Sending Money to the Utilities is like Burning Money!

Here’s a reality check for you! Let’s say the average electric bill in your home is a very conservative $150 per month? Now … let’s take into account that the fine people at your local utility company are raising your rates by about 10% every year – which is also a very conservative number! Based […]

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Solar Power can do great things for our Environment!

Do you know how much of a positive impact a solar electric system can have on the environment? Over the course of the next 15-years, a typical solar system will offset the following: 82,000 lbs. of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide is a leading cause of global climate change) 60 lbs. of NOX (Nitric Oxide – the […]

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Everybody should be installing Solar on their home!

One thing that most homeowners don’t really think about is their local utility.  It’s the necessary evil … the high bills shows up … some grumbling takes place … and the bill gets paid.  And as that utility pain keeps coming, most people just get numb to it and file it away in the part […]

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